Where do you get the right legal forms? Look no further.

It’s not every day that we need to access legal forms, but on the occasion that we do, where do we go to find them?

It may be that you want to create your own will at home, grant someone power of attorney or make a ‘living will’.  You may be a landlord wanting to create a tenancy agreement, or an eviction notice for that matter.  There are consent forms covering children or hospital procedures and even forms for marriage separation.

Everywhere you go in life there seems to be a legally binding form to be filled in. Whatever your requirement it is important that you get the correct form to cover your needs and wishes.

LAWDEPOT.com is well worth having a look at, they could just be able to supply the paperwork you need to get a job done.

Have you got Acid Indigestion, Gout, Arthritis?

If you are suffering from any of the above, it could well be that your system is too acidic and you may need to alkalize it and stabilize your PH balance.

PH is short for Potential Hydrogen. PH measures the balance between alkalinity and acidity on a scale of  0 – 14, so anything higher than a 7 is alkaline and anything below 7 is acid. 7 is neutral.

You can buy PH testing strips or litmus papers.  Wee on one of these first thing in the morning and according to what colour it changes to, that will show the acid/alkaline balance of your body.  If  the PH shows anything less than a 7 and the paper turns to anything less than a bluey green it may mean that you need to start paying attention to alkalizing your system and looking at an alkaline diet.

Of course right now if you are burning up with acid indigestion and heartburn you want a quick remedy straight away.

One of the very best remedies for this is a teaspoon of Cider Apple Vinegar followed by a quick glug of honey.  Rather than messing about trying to balance a teaspoon, just fill a small dosing cup to 5ml with Cider Apple Vinegar and knock it back like a shot following it with a glug of honey from a squeezy honey bottle.

Although it is an acidic vinegar, Cider Apple Vinegar has the effect of being alkaline in your body. It immediately breaks down acid indigestion and goes on to help your food break down in your stomach.

It is a good idea to take this small dose of Cider Apple Vinegar after each meal and especially before you go to bed as it will stop acid from forming and coming up into your oesophagus during the night.

A bottle of Organic Cider Apple Vinegar and a bottle of squeezy honey are great things to have handy in your kitchen cupboard for acid emergencies, and taken on a daily basis Cider Apple Vinegar can contribute towards preventing acid build up in your joints which in turn could alleviate or prevent gout or arthritic conditions.  It will also go towards regulating your PH balance and the effective digestion of your food.

Cider Apple Vinegar can usually be bought in most supermarkets these days and in health food shops such as Holland and Barrett in the UK, who also have an online service and Amazon who have loads of varieties.  3 New Hot Offers: Coconut Oil, Honey & Apple Cider Vinegar 
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The Virtues of Hawthorn.

Hawthorn has been used as a remedy for heart disease since way back in the first century.  It is known to be effective in the reduction of high blood pressure and cholesterol and for circulatory disorders, angina and mild heart failure..Hawthorn

Many modern heart drugs contain the leaves and flowers of Hawthorn in their ingredients.

Hawthorn can be taken as a supplement and is available from many health food stores and providers.

As with most supplements it is always advisable to seek professional advice before taking it especially of you are already taking drugs for heart disease such as Dioxin, Calcium Channel Blockers or Beta Blockers, as Hawthorn could have the effect of making drugs stronger.

A great company to buy Hawthorn from is Zipvit. They are a very friendly company to deal with and nothing is too much trouble for them.

They supply their tablet supplements in resealable plastic bags which are easy to post to you in an envelope. They are very reasonably priced and delivery is quick.  They will even send you a text message if you like, to tell you that your order is on the way.   They have an online catalogue, but also have a paper catalogue which they will send you in the post.


Welcome to the world of Baby Boomers

thHAUESQUPWelcome to the world of Baby Boomers. It is called worldbabyboomers.com because it is for all those Boomers who were born after 1945 up until 1961 absolutely anywhere in the world.

We are going to post tips, hints advice and stories from all sorts of areas, all of which can be quite relevant to anyone of any age but be of particular interest to those in the Baby Boomer age group.

Hopefully World Baby Boomers can point you in the right direction for some information or for something you might be looking for.