Lasting Power of Attorney

One of the most important and sensible things you can do in life, apart from making a will, is to appoint a trusted person as Lasting Power of Attorney.

If ever you were incapacitated through stroke or illness which rendered you unable to either speak or do things for yourself, someone who has Lasting Power of Attorney, registered with the courts, can make all the decisions on your behalf, sort out your finances like accessing your bank account to pay your bills, legally enter your house, take care of animals and also make decisions about what kind of medical care you are going to

It is particularly important if you live alone and do not have any close next of




Most solicitors in the UK will charge upwards of £600 to arrange a Lasting Power of Attorney for you. They may also insist that you go chasing round informing up to five relatives about your intentions, which in some cases can be a wise move but this is not actually compulsory. The reason it is advised to inform up to five other people (not necessarily relatives) of your intentions is to ensure that the person who is your designated power of attorney is not acting unscrupulously or coercing you in any way, in which case they could make an objection in your interests. However it is not compulsory to inform anyone else, (although some solicitors will imply that it is), so if you are absolutely sure and trust the person you have designated, you can leave it at that.

There are two types of Lasting Power of Attorney. One is covering your financial affairs, handling your money and property, and the other is handling your health and wellbeing affairs such as the treatment you receive in hospital and whether you should be resuscitated or not. They would also be able to make decisions about where you receive your medical and aftercare treatment.

You can have the same person to cover both Powers of Attorney or joint or separate people for each. The decision is yours.



You should go to the UK government website where everything is explained quite simply and clearly, and the fee is only £110. If your income is less than £12.000 per year you can get a 50% discount, making it £55, and if you get certain benefits you can even get the service free of charge.  They will send you all the forms you need and all you have to do is fill them in with the name or names of the designated person or persons who will be your power of attorney, plus two witnesses.

The thing is, we don’t all consider these things when we are fit and healthy, but it is a good provision to put into place as we get older so we can then rest assured that someone we know and trust has the legal right to take care of our business should there come a time when we are not able to do it for ourselves.




It’s not every day that we need to access legal forms, but on the occasion that we do, where do we go to find them?

It may be that you want to create your own will at home, grant someone power of attorney or make a ‘living will’. You may be a landlord wanting to create a tenancy agreement, or an eviction notice for that matter. There are consent forms covering children or hospital procedures and even forms for marriage separation.

Everywhere you go in life there seems to be a legally binding form to be filled in. Whatever your requirement it is important that you get the correct form to cover your needs and wishes. is well worth having a look at, they could just be able to supply the paperwork you need to get a job done.