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The Baby Boomer generation are the people who were born after the second world war from 1945 up until 1965.  They are seen to be a result of the ‘never had it so good’ era which came after the frugal years of the second world war and which produced a plethora of new inventions, new ideas and convenience living.

Rock and Roll was in full throttle with the likes of Bill Haley, woodstock-art-568933_640hendrixBuddy Holly and Elvis during the 1950’s, followed by The Beatles in the early 1960’s leaving behind the music of the Glenn Miller Band and the wartime dancehalls of previous years.

There were many new freedoms and changes to be enjoyed by the Baby Boomers, those of us who are now in our late fifties, sixties and early seventies.  Plentiful employment, money and new homes, Peace and Love which many of us embraced with open arms, love beads and kaftans.


bus-405898_640freedom vanFor most of us who are around today we still cherish the memories of the events which made such a marked impression on our lives, but we ourselves are getting older and beginning to experience events which we had never anticipated during the heady days of our youth.

Some of us have been blessed and are well off and comfortable, and others are now struggling to keep things together with small or no pensions to live on. Many will have to keep on working full time late into old age.

Regardless of wealth, ill health and disablement can strike anyone, and people of Baby Boomer Generation in particular are experiencing unexpected life changes whether financial or physical, which we are now having to do our best to either prevent or contend with.

It is intended that throughout this website worldbabyboomers.com we will be able to include features and information along the way which may prove to be just the kind of information you might be looking for at some time.

You don’t have to be a baby boomer to benefit from a visit to worldbabyboomers.com, it’s just that the information here has been provided with that age group in mind.

All are welcome. Please watch this space for our new articles, check out our archives, and feel free to contribute your comments at any time.                                                                                                                                           

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10 thoughts on “WELCOME TO WORLDBABYBOOMERS.COM the world of baby boomers.————-

  1. From one baby boomer and Wealthy Affiliate to another, I wish you great success! A really interesting niche. I love the older generation, they have such interesting stories to tell. All the best!

  2. I love being a baby boomer! We grew up in an interesting era and now battle to keep up in the current era! Looking forward to seeing further info to encourage the older generation in this digital age. Nice simple site. Thank you.

  3. Sometimes I get angry at the baby boomers because of all the commercials that are geared toward you. But part of that is my left over frustration from being the youngest of four with my three older siblings being baby boomers and me Generation X.

    With the above said. I like that you have a website for the baby boomers. The colors and memories of what the world was like and the music is reminiscent. It’s also a reminder of how much baby boomers have done for this country.

    I also like that you say your site is for everyone. It’s somewhere I would come again because I felt very welcome.

  4. Hello, I really enjoyed your post, and I am a baby boomer also. You have provided a lot of good information and brought back many memories for me of that time. Thank you! I commend you on a job well done!
    With Kind Regards,

    • Thank you for commenting on my site Linda. I am glad you like the content and that it holds good memories for you.
      I am hoping to add a whole lot more stuff very soon so I hope you continue to keep looking in on us.

  5. Hi Janet,

    This is a great website and I love your several posts. I have to admit, I had to look up “Kaftan”… didn’t know what it was. I learned something new today! It’s a pleasure to hear your perspective and I honestly have a better understanding of the Baby Boomer Generation. I also want to take a moment and Thank You for sharing the information about Wealthy Affiliate at the bottom of your post. Great information and I look forward to learning more.

    Keep Up The Great Work!


  6. Hey! A boomer website! Hooray! As a boomer my own self, I am pleased to see this.

    Our age cohort are turning into the Elders….Nobody except the guys in our cohort seems to understand what a scary concept that is.

    Many of the Outlier types in the group just figured we’d be dead before we got here. A bunch of geezers in my “tribe” were standing together in the middle of Costco looking at all the other folks and one plaintively asked, “Where did everybody go?” They all cracked up.

    It’s been fun so far… Maybe we can get this “old” thing hammered too.

    • Thank you for taking the time to comment Netta.

      I hope there are many more people like you who will visit my site in the future

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