A review of ‘Wealthy Affiliates’ the online business training school

graduation-309661_640After researching various Internet Marketing Training schemes and finding that most are either not thorough enough or laced with upsells at every turning  point, it was a pleasure and a relief to find Wealthy Affiliates with their open and honest no pressure training programs.euro-84831_1280time and money

They cater for ALL levels and abilities. You don’t have to be a computer Whizz Kid.  They have hundreds of Training Videos, Tutorials and Courses all included covering everything you can imagine to do with building a website and setting up and operating an internet business or blog, and each one is in easy bite size portions so you don’t find yourself falling asleep halfway through while they drone on.

There are 10,000’s of members to communicate with and you will usually find that if you have a problem or a question you can get an answer from someone within minutes.

Starting membership is FREE, and that includes two free websites, State of the Art Hosting, access to Industry Experts who are there to help you, and they operate a Strict Spam Free Environment..

The only one upgrade that is on offer to you, and that is only if you want it, is to Premium Level which is still very reasonably priced, and will then give you access to more fully hosted websites and domains, and thousands more WordPress Themes should you wish to create them.

Wealthy Affiliates offer a training and support programme to suit absolutely everyone of all levels. It is easily accessible from any PC, Tablet or Mobile with an internet connection.

If you are interested in setting up a Website or and Internet Business, worldbabyboomers.com can recommend Wealthy Affiliates with confidence.

If you are a babyboomer and are finding it difficult to find a job in the ‘seniors’ market, this could well be the thing for you.

Click on the banner below and get all the information you  need for a FREE start up website and as much tuition, information, and support as you are ever going to need!

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