When you go on holiday do you need mobility assistance at the Airport or Station?

If you do it’s possible that you are a wheelchair user or you may need the use of a wheelchair to assist you to get to your plane or train.

Most stations and airports provide a service to either push you in your own wheelchair or will provide one of their own company wheelchairs and an assistant to help get you to your boarding area and will even help you to board and provide lifting assistance into your seat if that is what you need.

When going on holiday, most regular wheelchair users take their own wheelchairs and scooters, which in the case of planes, would be loaded into the hold of the plane once you have been settled into your seat.

When you get to your destination, large scooters and wheelchairs can prove to be quite cumbersome and heavy to manoeuvre around, especially in small winding streets and on public transport, but now it is easy to buy a lighter foldable version of mobility scooter which is still very reliable and comfortable but can easily be collapsed and folded into a very small unit making it easier to transport in planes, in the boot of a car or taxi and on any other form of public transport which you may be using.

One of the most popular and reliable makes of folding mobility scooter is the LUGGIE. It is very light weight although strong and comfortable. It has a removable battery and can be folded down into an extremely small unit, even small enough to pass through airport x-ray scanners.

The Luggie range of scooters are extremely popular and come with many high ratings and recommendations.


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