When it comes to ageing on the outside it is more often than not the luck of the draw. Some people look 50 at 36 and others look 36 at 50.

The best we can do to conserve our youthful appearance is to keep fit, do exercise, and that means facial exercise too. Don’t overdo the sunbathing, always use a protective sun factor, don’t smoke at all and eat healthily. Everything we do and eat shows outwardly in our skin.

Once our skin begins to degenerate and age kicks in, we really must keep on top of things even more so if we want to keep a youthful appearance.

Lucky for us there are now some very effective high quality modern treatments readily available on the market which contribute to cell renewal and firming and plumping out the wrinkles. beauty-treatment-163540_640

A few more enhanced treatments such as Botox and fillers are now being used on a regular basis by thousands of men and women. Botox is injected into certain muscles such as above the eyebrows to give lift to the eyelids and smooth out a furrowed brow, at either side of the mouth to stop the mouth from drooping down and looking glum, and sometimes on the neck muscles. Botox freezes the muscle so that it can’t move into a frown or a droopy mouth. A treatment usually lasts up to six months and costs start at around £200.

For the other fleshy parts of the face, fillers are usually used. Fillers contain some combination of alpha linoleic acid, all of which is naturally produced in the skin, but not so much in abundance in older skin so fillers can be a great replenishment for sagging cheeks. The very latest fillers can have a lasting lifetime of up to two years, so although the cost probably seems high, starting at about £350, it can work out to be quite an economical investment when spread out over two years.                   The main advice when it comes tohaving Botox and fillers is to absolutely make sure you find a well qualified and experienced practitioner who can help and advise you with full confidence.

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On the whole these days, cosmetics and makeup  are far gentler on the skin than they were years ago. Most have sun protection built in and manufacturers are much more mindful about ethically researching the ingredients for their products. Some companies even specialise in making ‘green’ and organic products.

It is also good to know that the dearest are not necessarily the best, and you don’t have  to use the same brand for everything, so do shop around and use brands that suit you and whatever you feel comfortable with.

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