So, online dating for seniors, what do you think about that?

Pairing up and dating in your later years is a lot different and can be much more complex than it was when we were in our teens and twenties. Back then we had no baggage, no children, no exes, no battle scars of a life lived in between. Every start was a fresh start.

As you reach the baby boomer age group, if you are not still lucky enough to have a life partner with you, life can feel a bit aimless and lonely. You can feel like a fish out of water at social events and family gatherings all because you are the single person.

A lot of people don’t mind being single at all. some have been single all their lives and are independent and happily adapted, not wanting some significant other to come and mess up their order. Others, having lost the love of their lives through either death or divorce, don’t feel like they have a place in their hearts to extend to someone else, so they live on memories and throw themselves into doing other things.

However, the people we are talking about here are the ones who are over fifty, on their own and would quite like to meet someone either with a view to romance or marriage, or just as a friend with benefits who they can share dates and holidays with. Each to their own, everyone of us is different and we all have different ideas about how we want to live our lives.

In times gone by most people would practice their pairings with members of their own local community or workplaces, there was little opportunity  to meet someone from outside your living area, but since the dawn of the internet, dating online has come to the fore joining up people from far and wide and has grown into a huge industry. There are things to be said for and against it of course. You are initially talking to a complete stranger on a computer, not knowing if the photograph you have been shown is actually them as they are now, or was it twenty years ago, or is it even them at all? You can’t assess their mental state straight away as psychopaths can seem very rational whilst talking about themselves when you first meet them, but of course, that’s not just on the internet

There have of course been thousands of successful partnerships formed as a result of online dating, so weighing it up against the old fashioned conventional way of meeting a partner it does seem to have something going for it.

The question is, would you do it, would you actually date someone who you met online? Well thousands have and thousands do, so it’s worth thinking about giving it a go if you are hoping to find a life partner or companion to share your life with.

The key advice  here is to make sure that you are introduced through a reputable online dating agency and ensure that you keep yourself safe when going for that first date, even take someone else along as a chaperone if you must. Don’t give away too much detailed information about yourself at first until you know and trust the person and feel you would like to continue to engage with them. Most decent and reputable dating agencies will give you this and plenty more good advice when you start with them.

You are not guaranteed to meet your Prince or Princess Charming the first time out, especially as you will have only spoken to each other over the internet. Don’t be disheartened, chemistry is a funny thing and who you might have thought was going to be ‘the one’ could be knocked right out of the water because your chemistry wasn’t right on meeting up in person.

If anyone should ask you to lend them money, no matter what kind of a sob story they give, take that as a serious alarm bell and start walking in the opposite direction. Remember, there will be plenty of others to choose from.

Apart from that, if you do decide to go down the online dating route, here’s wishing you the very best of success and hoping that ‘the one’ will be out there waiting for you somewhere!