Now and in  the future we are intending to publish posts covering many aspects of Health and Wellbeing and dealing with issues which particularly affect people as they get to the later years in life. We will be focusing on the natural ways of treating some of these health issues and hopefully giving food for thought before ultimately taking the drastic action of taking prescribed drugs, many of which can have other harmful side effects of their own leading to taking even more drugs to counteract the side effects.

It is a well known fact that most people, particularly those of the Baby Boomer Generation, do not question their doctors about the types of medication they are being prescribed.

Doctors are not infallible, they are just using their guidelines often prescribing medications which have been recommended to them by the drug company representatives and not always giving much thought to how well they mix with other types of medications.

Most conventional doctors are not trained in diet and how to think holistically and take the tunnel vision focus of only addressing the ailment in question without giving consideration to the root causes which in so many cases could be addressed first.




Hawthorn has been used as a remedy for heart disease since way back in the first century. It is known to be effective in the reduction of high blood pressure and cholesterol and for circulatory disorders, angina and mild heart failure..Hawthorn

Many modern heart drugs contain the leaves and flowers of Hawthorn in their ingredients.

Hawthorn can be taken as a supplement and is available from many health food stores and providers.

As with most supplements it is always advisable to seek professional advice before taking it especially of you are already taking drugs for heart disease such as Dioxin, Calcium Channel Blockers or Beta Blockers, as Hawthorn could have the effect of making drugs stronger.

A great company to buy Hawthorn from is Zipvit. They are a very friendly company to deal with and nothing is too much trouble for them. Their tablet supplements are supplied in resealable plastic bags which are easy to post to you in an envelope. They are very reasonably priced and delivery is quick. They will even send you a text message if you like, to tell you that your order is on the way. There is an online catalogue, but they also have a paper catalogue which they will send you in the post.





THE BENEFITS OF USING ALOE VERA      aloe-vera-262718_640

Aloe Vera is an amazing plant which has been used in healing for over 6000 years dating back to the ancient Egyptians.

The inner latex gel of the Aloe Vera leaf contains tons of healing properties and can be used for internal or external healing.

The gel can either be squeezed directly from the leaf of the Aloe Vera plant or bought ready prepared in a convenient tube. It can be used to sooth and heal cuts and burns, sunburn, rashes and many skin irritations.

Aloe Vera can be used on humans or animals and is very good for applying topically to pets with skin rashes, irritations and sensitive skin issues.

The juice of Aloe Vera is full of nutrients, minerals and probiotics. Studies have shown it increases absorption of vitamins C and E.  It helps to oxygenate the blood, lower cholesterol and prevent kidney stones. It is particularly good for maintaining a healthy gut, especially if you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, Crohns disease, ulcerative colitis or acid reflux.

Two tablespoons of Aloe Vera juice taken morning and night can sooth and heal your digestive tract, promoting healthy gut flora and alleviating lower bowel pain.

Although many medical doctors do advocate the use of Aloe Vera, there are also others who say that clinical tests have not so far been conclusive enough for them to openly support its use. However, experts in the complimentary and holistic field of treatment swear by Aloe Vera and its wonderful health benefits.

The only way to know Aloe Vera is going to be beneficial to you is to try it and see the results for yourself. 


It’s hard to appreciate the fact but our body is the home to 100 trillion bacteria and 1 quadrillion viruses. The bacteria outnumber your cells 10-1 and the viruses then outnumber the bacteria 10-1.

Many new discoveries have been made as a result of the relatively recent Human Genome Project which uncovered the existence of our DNA and all the implications which that opened us up to.

One of the things that was discovered was that only 10 per cent of illnesses can be attributed to our genetic makeup and the remaining 90 per cent of illnesses are caused by other factors such as environment, diet and lifestyle.            Everyday things that we are exposed to like Antibiotics, Pesticides and Convenience Foods can be detrimental to the healthy flora in our guts. Diet can also go a long way to improve the health of our gut and the addition or elimination of certain foods can help to do that. 

In recent research, scientists have shown that by removing certain probiotics from the diets of lab animals, this has immediately contributed to metabolic changes and obesity in the animals. It is now being seriously regarded that obesity can be promoted by lack of healthy gut flora.

Processed foods, sugars and artificial sweeteners all help to destroy good gut bacteria and can also go towards promoting insulin resistance and metabolic dysfunction.      digestion-303364_640

Sugar creates fungi which produce yeast infections like thrush and candida and high sugar diets are now being attributed to poor memory and learning difficulties, and depleted gut flora can promote leaky gut and inflammation throughout the body.

It has been found that fermented foods like Chutney, Sauerkraut, Yoghurt, Kefir and Sour Cream, Apple Cider Vinegar, and foods which are high in fibre , fresh fruit and vegetables at best eaten raw, and nuts and seeds can together help to reduce inflammation throughout the body, especially in the digestive tract, and can promote digestion of food.   

Gut flora that has been compromised has also been found to have a direct effect on mood swings and depression. A healthy gut is extremely important to anyone suffering from any neurological dysfunction, autism, Alzheimer’s and anxiety disorders in young people.

Optimizing your gut flora can be paramount in warding off many diseases, it can help to prevent diabetes and high cholesterol and go a long way to normalising weight.

Antibiotics aim at killing all the bugs in your body, even the beneficial ones, so if you are taking Antibiotics for any reason it is important to supplement them with daily probiotics to put the good bugs back. A small yoghurt drink such as Actimel or Yakult can be enough. Otherwise there are multi strain ones in tablet form which you can buy.

Try to cut down on meat consumption and do your best to eat organic, free range produce when you do, as this will not have been subjected to the use of routine antibiotics and GMO cattle feed.

Processed ‘convenience’ foods from the supermarket can seem very tasty and time saving but in order to give them shelf life they are often laced with preservatives such as lecithin, carrageenan, polyglycerols and xanthan gum (just read the ingredients on the packs), and all of these have been shown to have an adverse effect on gut flora.

Artificial sweeteners are also known to have a detrimental effect on gut flora, so plopping a couple into your tea or coffee might make you feel that you are virtuously avoiding extra calories, but you will most likely be counteracting that by damaging your healthy gut flora at the same time.

Don’t be afraid of getting your hands dirty in the garden soil. There are many microorganisms on the plants and in the dirt that can help you to build up your immunity to various diseases. And don’t go too heavy on the antibacterial hand wash either as this can also kill friendly bacteria.  Nothing wrong with good old basic soap and water!                                                                                                                                                                




Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is intended for educational purposes only and should not be used as a means of diagnosis, treatment or advice. It does not cover adverse effects or drug interaction with products which might cause adverse effects.                                                                                                                                                                                                   It is strongly advised that you seek advice from a healthcare professional or qualified homeopathic doctor if you have any questions or doubts before taking any alternative treatments or medicines.






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