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When  we are young we more than often than not, tend to be surrounded by family relatives, friends and colleagues, probably never giving a thought to who or how many people will still be around in our lives as we get to the later years.flower-1473704_640 daisys

Certainly as we get past fifty the numbers start to dwindle.  Some of our friends die young, our children if we have them may have lives of their own or move away altogether or we may experience the loss of a partner.time-425818_640

At some point, probably in our sixties and upwards, we start to have great gaps in our lives which can never be re-filled.  It can be a very lonely and isolating experience leaving some people wondering whether it is worth carrying on at all, and what for?  sorrow-294328_640 man

If you have grandchildren, that in itself is a wonderful reason to keep going. Grandparents are absolutely invaluable to children growing up. Even if you are not a very hands on grandparent, just the fact that you exist and are a ‘go to’ person is an enormous feature in a child’s life.  But some of us have no one at all, and then what?



In 2012 Dame Esther Rantzen DBE (the founder of Childline) founded The Silver Line, a confidential, free helpline for older people which is open 24/7.

The Silver Line has gone from strength to strength offering friendship, advice and support for older people in lots of different ways. It may just be someone to have a chat with over the phone or something a whole lot more serious like neglect or abuse.telephone-309066_640

Whatever your worries, The Silver Line is there to help and advise. You can see their website on, or call them on the phone  0800 4 70 80 90.

The Silver Line has been shortlisted in the category of the best Voluntary/Charity Project for the National Lottery


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